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We are cool and you are not

So sit down and shut up

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We are Cool

Welcome to We Are Cool. This is a rating community for all those cool kids. ;) We are cute, loud, mean, and fucking proud! Don't you love us already?

Community Rules

1. please post your application behind a LJ cut

2. AT LEAST 5 pix please. And at least one must be of your face close up.

3. please include: your name, age, location, favourite past time, favourite band/artist & song, your favourite piece of clothing, favorite food, favorite car, favorite LYRICS to a song, favorite movie and tv show, favorite celb. & why you think you are cool.

4. please do not comment on any posts until you have been accepted. and do not hound the moderators about being accepted. if you have not been accepted after 2 weeks, then please re-apply. but do not ask us if you have or not. some of us do have lives.

5. you can't be mean untill you get accepted. then let it rip!

6. please have fun. and once you are accepted, please comment on other peoples posts. however, only moderators can post accept or reject signs.

7. please make your post 'friends only' if you don't, we will ask nicely once. if you don't make the post 'friends only' two days after you post, it will be deleted!

If you have any quesitons or comments please ask us!
SCREEN NAME Littledevil114@aol.com
LIVE JOURNAL still_not_sorry
SCREEN NAME Eribabe88@yahoo.com
LIVE JOURNAL just_live